About Migrant family action


Migrant family action was co-founded by Jane Goldsmid and Nick Watts in late 2016, recruiting a range of professionals and volunteers from all walks of life to support the charity's aims and objectives. Jane and Nick, a social worker and child & family practitioner, met through work in the UK, began volunteering together in Calais at the unofficial refugee camp known as 'the Jungle' in safeguarding and completing best interests assessment of children and in the later stages following the demolition, began supporting young people in the CAOMIE's in France.

Both were frustrated by the lack of support offered to children, young people and families both in other European countries and right here in the UK. They founded Migrant family action to:

  • Improve the support received by refugees in European countries and develop practice that supports and empowers them to make the best decision for them about where to settle, to encourage permanence and to ensure they are treated fairly and having their needs met.
  • To work holistically, bringing expertise in social work, child & family work, education, health and more together.
  • To work collaboratively with other organisations and forge strong working links to ensure the best level of support for those who need it most.
  • To advocate for those in the UK and beyond who have been oppressed and denied as the result of their immigration status.
  • To provide holistic, culturally sensitive support in the UK to children, young people and families who are migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. This includes advocating and supporting those with no recourse to public funds and providing support in settlement,  adjusting to a new life, mentoring and family work - building strong, lasting support and community networks.
  • To enable those oppressed by their immigration status to tell their stories and ensure the voice of migrants and refugees is heard.

We hope to achieve this through the projects that we run, working in the UK and France to specifically address the problems children, young people and families face who are oppressed as a result of their immigration status, through social work, youth work and advocacy, heavily informed by children's rights and our practice values.   

You can keep up with our progress by keeping up to date with our news feed, or by following us on social media.