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Your donation is vital in helping us to deliver projects in the UK and abroad to support and empower migrants and refugees. All the money we receive from individual donations goes directly towards our project work. 

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We use total giving because they charge no fees to fundraise, meaning our cost of fundraising is as low as it can possibly be and our money is used directly to support the people we work with.

Regular giving

Regular giving helps us to plan our projects far more effectively and ultimately reach more children and families oppressed as a result of their immigration status. 

We can now accept direct debit as a way of giving. You can set one up from our fundraising page

What will your donation fund?

We stand in solidarity with asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in a variety of ways. We help people challenge the system when it fails them, through specialist assessment of need, best interests and advocacy within the immigration system and when families seek local authority support. 

We also provide intensive support to people experiencing oppression as a result of their immigration status. This can include mentoring, specialist family support, advocacy, signposting and ensuring access to justice.