We provide support primarily to migrant and refugee children, young people and families in the UK and Europe. Our projects aim to empower and support individuals, families and communities through advocacy, assessment, family & youth work, social work and mentoring. We forge close working links with other organisations in the UK and beyond to ensure everyone we work with is well supported. Central to our work is rights based and democratic practice.

We believe that everyone has a right to have an identity, to live in safety and feel like they belong, all values associated with family. This is why we focus on it, it can mean many things. A family can be your biological family, the foster family that cares and supports you, your friends and the community around you. We believe that everyone has the right and deserves to be part of something, everyone deserves to feel like part of a family. We want to empower people to tell their stories, the narrative surrounding migrants and refugees has been absorbed by the views of everyone else, apart from those that matter the most.



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